Valorant FPS Unlocker

If you are a Valorant game addict and want to unlock the best gaming performance by tweaking simple setting like Increasing FPS then you landed to right page!

We already know that our PC has default 60 FPS cap for gaming which sometime feels stuttering issue. If you have really good graphics PC and want to play Valorant with best gaming Experience simply download Valorent FPS Unlocker.


Download Valorant FPS Unlocker

How to Install Valorant FPS Unlocker

  1. Download Latest Releases
  2. Extract Into A Folder
  3. Run vfpsunlocker.exe Before You Start FiveM
  4. FPS Will Be Unlocked To Infinite, It Will Also Apply The Best Valorant Settings For FPS!


  1. Is Being Detected As A Virus/Malware. What Do I Do?

Any Detections Are False Positives. This Is Caused By The File Access Needed Into Modern Warfare. Create A Exception For vfpsunlocker.exe (Or The Folder It Is Located In)

  1. How Do I View My Current FPS?

Ingame Press Shift + F6, Green Text Will Appear In The Top Left That Shows The FPS. Press The Same Button To Disable The Green Text.

  1. How Do I Set A Framerate Cap?

You Can Cap Your FPS In The settings File. Edit FPSCap To Your Wantings And Your FPS Will Cap At That Amount. Custom System Settings Will Not Be Applied In This Concern.

  1. Does This Cause A Ban?

Valorant FPS Unlocker Does Not Cause Your Account To Be Banned. When The Game Starts It Will Be Quickly Optimized Then The File Will Be Removed From Running Currently!