Fix Valorant FPS Drop [2022]

If you’re having lagging problems and slow performance on an ultra-modern PC running Valorant take a look at this guide to Fix Valorant FPS Drop. Valorant is a game that has an objective. The attacking teams try to make the spike by beating all enemies will guarantee they will win the round. 

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But defense teams may lose rounds even after killing adversaries, if they do not stop the spike before. Before you begin searching for the solution, you need to understand the reason behind this. What kind of lag is it?

What exactly is the word “lag”?

It’s when a game appears to be either slow or not responding, which makes the players seem as if they are having a difficult to enjoy the game. This usually indicates of a non-responsive connection.

Here are some of the aspects you should be aware of when trying to solve this issue.

Network Lag

This kind of lag happens when the connection you use to Valorant isn’t reliable or speedy. This could cause other players to wander around the globe or to complete activities that take an excessive amount of time to finish.

Graphics Lag

If your system isn’t functioning well while playing Valorant it may result in blurry or slow-moving graphics. In this case, you have examine the quality of Valorant graphics. Valorant graphics.

  • While playing you be able to open the menu in the game by pressing the Esc. keystroke Esc. key.
  • Check out the settings
  • Under the Graphics section You’ll be able to determine the quality of graphics in Valorant.
  • To reduce the level, first, you need to switch on an the option known as Graphic Quality Auto to disable. Then, you are able to adjust the settings to lower the amount.

Lower settings for graphics can affect certain aspects of video or image quality. However, it also implies that the device may not be able to play Valorant and could not offer a an enjoyable experience for users.

System Lag

If reducing the graphics’ quality didn’t change the game, make sure that your system doesn’t contain other programs that use lots of power. If that’s the case but you’re not sure that you’ve shut down all unnecessary applications to ensure that they’re not consuming the resources of your system, which Valorant could require to run properly.

If your device is experiencing similar issues it is possible to upgrade your device for the game Valorant on an upgraded device that’s faster.

What are the possible Causes for the Valorant FPS Drop?

In order to Fix Valorant FPS Drop, You’ll first need to understand about the components that go into your computer’s connection to the internet and how that can affect your gameplay. Here are the top 5 reasons why high ping and, as a result, lagging occur while playing games online.

  1. Internet service provider (ISP) quality
  2. Internet connection speed
  3. Inadequate bandwidth
  4. Configuration of firewalls
  5. Geographical location

How to Fix Valorant FPS Drop [Ultimate Guide]

#1 Increase FPS Limit using FPS Unlocker

Most players have experienced poor frame rates. Most often, a game is good, but then it starts to slow down as your character is in an urban area or a complex setting. The view begins to look like a slideshow. Things become a bit choppy when you rotate the camera rapidly and moving objects such as banners or hair move less smoothly.

FPS Unlocker is specifically developed to tweak the Frame refresh rate while playing game. It will Increase the Default 60 FPS limit and significantly improve Gaming Experience!

#2 Kill Unnecessary tasks in Task Manager

1) Press Ctrl Shift Esc together on your keyboard to trigger Task Manager.

2) From the Processes tab, click the programs that you want to stop from running one by one and click End task.

Fix Valorant FPS Drop

#3 Remove temporary files

Like the name implies, temporary files are the type of files that contain temporary data created by Windows itself or by the applications that users utilize. However, they occupy hard drive space , which makes your computer slower, which could also affect the speed of responding to your internet connection. To make your computer more efficient, you need to erase those files, and they shouldn’t cause any issues. Here’s how to do this:

1.) If you are using a keyboard use your keyboard’s Windows Logo button as well as R simultaneously to open Run. Run box.

2.) 2) Type the word “temp” and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

3.) Remove all files within the tempfolder. (Press Ctrland A simultaneously to select all files. After that, right-click and choose delete.)

4.) If a pop-up window comes up stating that the action cannot be completed Simply check the box. Make this check for all items currently in use and then click to skip.

5.) Go to your recycling Bin from the desktop. Select it with a right-click and then click the empty bin and click YES.

After you have deleted temporary files start your game to see whether the lag has decreased. If the issue persists then proceed to the next step.

#4 Update the driver for your Network

If you notice that your Valorant is slow It’s usually a sign of a poor connection. The outdated driver for your network could be the cause and make the game extremely slow. To correct this you must upgrade your network driver, particularly if you don’t know when the last time you updated it.

#5 Connect a wired cable

To play games for gaming, wired connections are preferred over a wireless connection for internet access. Wireless connections are more susceptible to interference and aren’t nearly as reliable like wired ones. In addition, they can increase the latency. So, if you can, make use of a wired connection whenever you play online.

#6 Modify your DNS settings

Sometimes, your ISP’s DNS server could be slow or poorly configured to cache and can slow down your connection by a bit. This could be the reason why your Valorant game is running so slow. To speed up trying to solve the issue, you’ll need to modify your DNS settings.

Fix Valorant FPS Drop

Here we recommend using Google DNS:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open the Run dialog box.

2) Type control and then press Enter on your keyboard to open the Control Panel.

3) Click Network and Internet. (Note: make sure you view the Control Panel by Category.)

4) Click Network and Sharing Center.

5) Click on your Connections, whether it’s Ethernet, Wifi, or others. & Click on Properties

6) Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) > Properties.

7) Click Use the following DNS server addresses:

For Preferred DNS server, type
For Alternate DNS server, type

Check the box next to Validate settings upon exit and then click OK.

After changing your DNS server, play your Valorant games and check if it’s less laggy. If this didn’t do the trick, proceed to the next fix below.

#7 Reduce the graphics quality to Fix Valorant FPS Drop

The following settings are based on professional Valorant players’ settings.

  1. Open up Valorant
  2. Click on Settings (top-left corner)
  3. Under Minimap, set Rotate to Fixed
  4. Set Keep Player Centered to Off
  5. Set Minimap Size to 1.1
  6. Set Minimap Zoom to 0.9
  7. Set Minimap Vision Cones to On
  8. Under Other, set Show Map Region Names to Always
  9. Set Show Corpses to On
  10. Set Instability Indicators to On
  11. Set Network Buffering to a minimum for the lowest possible input lag. Set to Moderate if your internet speed is on the slow side.
  12. Set Show Bullet Tracers to On

Let’s move on to the graphics or video settings.

  1. While in the settings menu, click on the Video tab
  2. You should now be in the General subtab. Set Resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and refresh rate. For example, if you have a 144Hz 1440p gaming monitor, then set it to 2,560 x 1,440 16:9 (144Hz)
  3. Set Display Mode to Fullscreen
  4. Set Aspect Ratio Method to Fill
  5. Click on the Graphics Quality subtab.
  6. Set Material Quality to Med
  7. Set Texture Quality to Med
  8. Set Detail Quality to Med
  9. Set UI Quality to Med
  10. Set Vignette to Off
  11. This decreases visibility and visual clarity, so be sure to turn it off
  12. Set VSync to Off
  13. Enabling VSync introduces input lag and you don’t want that, so be sure to turn it off
  14. Set Anti-Aliasing to MSAA 4x
  15. Enabling MSAA will not cost you much performance and it will prevent blurred edges
  16. Set Anisotropic Filtering to 2x
  17. Anisotropic filtering affects the sharpness of surfaces at oblique angles. You won’t see much of a difference, so we recommend using a low setting here
  18. Set Improve Clarity to On
  19. Generally, players value clarity a lot. It makes a world of difference, so we recommend that you enable this setting. However, of course you may get a significant performance boost by turning it off, so you might want to test that and decide what speaks louder to you.
  20. Set Bloom (Previously Enhanced Gun Skin Visuals (First Person)) to Off
    A purely cosmetic feature, so we recommend that you disable this
  21. Set Distortion to Off
    This setting decreases visibility and clarity and you don’t want that, so turn it off
  22. Set First Person Shadows (Previously Shadows) to On

We highly recommend that you get a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz or above.

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