How to fix low FPS issue? [Ultimate guide 2022]

Are you experiencing low frame rate when playing games on your PC even with a top PC? Use these suggestions to fix low FPS issue when you play games with Windows.

The beauty in PC gaming is that you can enjoy the most impressive graphics and the best performance the industry can offer. If you’re struggling with an insufficient performance, frame rate, or frame rate it’s difficult to play in any way.

If you’re not sure if your latest purchase is running smoothly on your computer or you’ve noticed games not performing as well generally We’re here to assist. This article will help you solve low FPS problems in Windows and return to gaming at a high standard.

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Close Background Processes

First, make sure no other programs are slowing things down. Open the Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), then click the CPU and Memory tabs to check whether anything is using up large chunks of your CPU or RAM (for instance, a web browser with dozens of tabs open).

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Update Drivers

Update your drivers. New graphics drivers for both discrete GPUs and integrated GPUs are released regularly to optimize for recent games. Use the manufacturer’s utility to download these drivers.

If you’re running an Intel(r) Core(tm) processor (4th Gen or later) equipped with integrated graphics, look at the game’s page on to determine the suggested settings. 

The software that support discrete graphics cards could also detect installed games. If your graphics program includes this capability, you should make sure that it is able to recognize your game that you’re trying play. This could result in immediate performance improvements.

Repairing Installs

If performance issues in a game are extremely extreme, you can try fixing the installation. In Steam it is possible to fix the issue by clicking the Library tab, clicking the game and selecting “Properties.” In the Properties window, click on the “Local Files” tab, then “Verify the Integrity of Game Files.”

Update Games

Then, ensure that your game is updated. Particularly early in the of a game developers release patches that have major performance effects. Make sure to enable automatic updates so that you aren’t missing one.

In-Game Settings to fix low FPS issue

Many games will test your PC automatically after installation and assign customized settings. If you’re reading this post, you might have discovered that these settings don’t give frame rates the amount of priority you’d prefer. Here are some common settings you can adjust (or off) to get measurable performance gains.

Shadow settings could cover a range of techniques for mapping shadows with different performance impacts, ranging from high-end shadow volumes that use CPUs to techniques that require GPUs, such as Ray Tracing. It calculates the total number of rays coming from each individual light source. These techniques smooth sawtooth edges and precisely represent the shapes that cast shadows, and assist in making shadows be in sync with the motions of the source.

The higher the settings, it can result in smoother shadows, however keeping them set to low or medium could increase frame rates, but there is very little impact in fast-paced games.

Anti-aliasing(AA) smooths out sharp edges (an artifact known as “aliasing”) which appear on digital objects composed from square pixels. Anti-aliasing techniques use images of the pixels to figure out the right color of adjacent pixels. They then fill the gaps in order to smooth the sawtooth edges.

Reduce the amount of samples that are taken (from four times to two-fold for instance) is a great initial step to increase performance. In the next step, you should look for AA methods that the game recognizes as having less GPU usage: FXAA, for example is less invasive as MSAA. If you’re still experiencing issues with performance, you can consider turning off AA completely and check if the sharp edges bother you.

dynamic reflections might require your computer to render the scene two times (or another version of the identical scene) this can result in significant on your graphics card. In a shooter that is extremely fast-paced you might not stop to take a moment to look at the action that is reflected in a window. Try to reduce the quality of reflections to see if it nets additional frames.

Ambient Occlusion increases the contact points between the adjacent textures, lights and shadows. It’s a subtle detail that you might want to consider decreasing (or off) before you reduce your quality for the texture.

Volumetric lighting creates light sources appear to have depth in order to let players observe dust motes and other particles, such as smoke, floating around the. These volumes of light, also called “God Rays” can have a significant performance penalty in certain games.

Motion Blur effects simulate the working of a traditional camera , blurring background images as the user’s perspective shifts. Although this may help mask frames that aren’t as high, this synthetic effect can have an impact on performance in its own. If you’re looking for an edgier look make sure that this setting is turned on. If you prefer digital clarity, check out how your game appears like when you have turned off the setting.

Then, resolution has an immense effect on the performance. The more pixels per frame implies more rendering effort to your GPU. If you’re not experiencing the performance you’d expect at 1080p, think about the reduction of your resolution to 720p. This can improve playability but without significant effect on the game’s visual. Test this out and determine if the improvement in frame rate is worth the decrease in visual quality will helps to solve fix low FPS issuein game like roblox .

While it isn’t a good idea to reduce resolution to play a single-player game in a graphical display, the rules are generally different in online. When playing competitive games that require quick reaction times the majority of players use 1080p or less, since they can achieve higher frame rates with greater consistency. In both games most professionals have reported having 1080p resolution as well as higher frame rate (144 FPS or higher).

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