Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop [2022]

If you’re experiencing lagging issues and slow performance on an ultra-modern PC running Fallout 4 then follow this tutorial to Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop. Fallout 4 is as much about gathering resources in the same way as fighting off enemies and completing quests. From the worn-out Raider’s clothes to an old manager’s office in a store, things are all over the place. 

For those who are new to the series, Fallout 4 is the best way to begin as every other. It gets the player with a character who is out prior to the start of war it does a good job of establishing an environment, and provides an unambiguous start in the story’s direction. But, before looking for a the solution, it is important to know the reason behind this. What kind of lag does it ?

What is causing the lagging In Fallout 4.

After receiving numerous user feedback in addition to our personal investigation We discovered that the slowdown of Fallout 4 was caused by various reasons. The reasons are as follows:

NOTE: Not all the causes could be relevant to your particular situation. If you are unable to find one that don’t correspond to your particular situation Don’t fret; simply go on to the solution and we’ll have the game going quickly.

  • FPS Limit There exists, by default an FPS limit set in Fallout that automatically decreases the maximum amount of frames per second you can get on your personal computer. Modifying the settings will work in this scenario.
  • Third-party apps:If there are other programs that are running in the background and consume the resources of your computer, Fallout won’t be able to access the required computing power, and, as a result, will experience lag within the game. We can attempt to identify and close any third-party application that are running behind.
  • High settings in game:There are also situations when the game’s settings are very high, and there aren’t enough resources available to meet the demands. This is where lowering the settings or activating the Windowed mode will help.
  • Conflicting GPU settings: We also came across many instances in which the GPU was causing problems for the game due to its power-saving capabilities and other settings. Set the GPU to the maximum performance can be done in this case.
  • Graphics Drivers Outdated: Graphics drivers are the most essential components to connect the game with the hardware. If they aren’t up-to-date or have issues with functioning, you may not be able to get the results you desire.
  • High Task Manager Priority In the event that the Fallout process is not a priority to your task manager the system does not view it as it’s a real-time game, and will delay in giving it large resources. Changes in the priority levels of the task manager can be done here.
  • Low specs for the Computer: This is the primary reason gamers experience slow performance within Fallout 4. If you’re running an unspecified computer and the game is not able to have the computational power it needs (obviously!) and may experience lagging when an event occurs or when the game enters a graphically intensive scene.
  • Poor BIOS settings We typically don’t suggest users to upgrade their BIOS because it could pose an increased risk, however we came across a lot of instances where completely resetting the BIOS resolved the problem. It could be due to issues with the settings stored within the BIOS.
  • bad mods When you use third party mods to your game, there’s an increased chance that they’re interfering with the game and creating problems when loading or displaying screens.

Before we begin with the solution, make sure you have an internet connection that is active on your laptop and you’re connected with the status of the administrator as well.

How to Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop

#1 Increase FPS Limit using FPS Unlocker

Most players have experienced poor frame rates. Most often, a game is good, but then it starts to slow down as your character is in an urban area or a complex setting. The view begins to look like a slideshow. Things become a bit choppy when you rotate the camera rapidly and moving objects such as banners or hair move less smoothly.

Fallout 4 typically includes an FPS cap in the configuration settings. The FPS cap is intended not to load your computer significantly. However, in our situation this setting could cause issues. While there is a good chance that the FPS limit is set at a good amount at which the game does not lag in any way, we have found many instances where this wasn’t accurate and the settings were creating issues in the operation in the game.

FPS Unlocker is specifically developed to tweak the Frame refresh rate while playing game. It will Increase the Default 60 FPS limit and significantly improve Gaming Experience!

or You can do it Manually too to Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop…

In this case we’ll go into the settings files for Fallout 4 and change the setting manually by editing the files. Be sure to log to your account as an administrator.

  1. Click Windows + E to launch the File Explorer and navigate to the following path to your file:
C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Fallout4
  1. Then, find the file. Click on it, right-click and choose Open using the option of Notepad (you could also utilize other programs like Notepad ++).
  1. Click Windows + F to launch the finder. Find it. It will then search for the IPresentInterval String.
  2. Change the value of 1 to zero. Save the changes and then exit. Restart your PC completely and then start the game once more. Check whether the issue has been resolved and you can play the game without lag.

#2 Kill Unnecessary tasks in Task Manager

1) Press Ctrl Shift Esc together on your keyboard to trigger Task Manager.

2) From the Processes tab, click the programs that you want to stop from running one by one and click End task.

Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop

#3 Remove temporary files

Like the name implies, temporary files are the kinds of files that are used to store temporary data , which is created by Windows itself, or other applications used by users. But they take up some hard drive space , which makes your computer slower, which can also impact the responsiveness to the internet connection. To make your computer run more smoothly, you’ll need to remove those files and they won’t cause any issues. Here’s how you can accomplish this:

1) If you are using a keyboard, press the Windows Logo key along with R at the same time to invoke your Run box.

2) Type “%temp%” and hit Enter on your keyboard.

3.) Delete all files that are in the tempfolder. (Press Ctrland A at the same time to select all files. After that, right-click and choose delete.)

4) If a window pops up stating that the action cannot be completed Simply check the box. Do this for all your items and then click Skip.

5.) You can now go to your Recycling Binfrom the desktop. Select it with a right-click and then click Empty Recycle Bin and then click YES.

After you have deleted those temp file, run your game to see whether the lag is less. If it is not then proceed to the next fix.

#4 Update your driver on your network

If you notice that your Fallout 4 is lagging, it’s generally a sign of a slow connection. The outdated driver for your network could be the cause, making your game extremely sluggish. To fix it the issue, you’ll need to upgrade your network driver, particularly if it’s hard to remember when it was the last time you updated it.

#5 Connect a wired cable

For gaming for gaming, wired connections are more suitable than a wireless connection with the Internet. Wireless connections are the most susceptible to interference and aren’t nearly as reliable in comparison to wired networks. Furthermore, they will increase the latency. Thus, it is recommended to utilize a wired connection when you play games online.

#6 Make sure you change your DNS settings

Sometimes your ISP-supplied DNS server may be slow or perhaps not configured for caching that can slow the speed of your connection. This could be the reason that your Fallout 4 is so laggy. To help you avoid solving the problem, you’ll need change your DNS settings.

Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop

Here we recommend using Google DNS:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open the Run dialog box.

2) Type control and then press Enter on your keyboard to open the Control Panel.

3) Click Network and Internet. (Note: make sure you view the Control Panel by Category.)

4) Click Network and Sharing Center.

5) Click on your Connections, whether it’s Ethernet, Wifi, or others. & Click on Properties

6) Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) > Properties.

7) Click Use the following DNS server addresses:

For Preferred DNS server, type
For Alternate DNS server, type

Check the box next to Validate settings upon exit and then click OK.

After changing your DNS server, play your Fallout 4 games and check if it’s less laggy. If this didn’t do the trick, proceed to the next fix below.

#7 Reduce the graphics quality to Fix Fallout 4 FPS Drop

Another suggestion to test before we dive into other solutions that can lower the default settings for graphics in the game. Most games have moderate to high graphics settings in use. In this example we’ll go to the options of the game, and then alter the settings to give you slightly less detail but more stability while playing. Be sure to adhere to each step with care.

  1. Start Fallout 4. Install it on your PC and launch its launcher. Click on options from your main menu.
  2. Then, you can choose the Low details or click Advanced and modify these settings yourself. You can try to remove things of ultra and then change the settings to medium or low.
  3. After you have made changes, click on OK and save the changes. Restart the launcher for Fallout 4 and start the game. Verify that the issue has been solved.

It is essential to note:You might also want to consider starting your game using Windows mode using borderless. This can reduce lag by significantly.

Notice:You can also try lower the resolution, and then after going to the Display settings in Windows lower the rate of refresh as well.

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